Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Well, It's a fair Wednesday, Nice and cool, the chance of showers is high. So it feels good today. The last few days were bordering on HOT. : ) Not ready for that yet.
I want to share just a bit that we did get the results of my Fathers MRI after 6 months of Chemo. It does not look good, and due to the circumstances I will be stepping away from the Hobby a bit to Deal with this Issue. The main thing I am stepping away from is correspondance and Hobby involvement. The re-hashing of my Dads health, and my inability to focus on that right now is pretty clear. The wonderful Terra Pennington will be recieving emails for me if you need to get ahold of me. Terra will update me about once a week or so. I am sure I will also be doing quite a bit of Traveling, and will be visiting Corpus Christi alot to be with my Father.
I am going to do my best to continue Painting,as Painting always soothes my soul.. But I just need some time, to both figure out how to deal with this, and also to just spend some pure free, fun time with my Father.

I am doing my best to stay productive in the Studio, We have re-designed my studio with my Dads Office furniture, and still we were able to keep his Old Drafting table in there as well. It is soo nice. Look at all that storage! Finally somewhere safe for my horses and supplies!

It really is nice. I have dust free storage, and I managed to get rid of all the unsightly clutter. However, having a great big picture window is really nice..but I tend to drift off and daydream while looking outside, which is not terrilby helpful : ) But it feels good. so there.

I certainly have not completed a great deal this last week or two..but there is a bit. Nice progress was made on Commissions...and then there is this Gal! This is "Wyakin"! a Guest Artist piece I am doing for Michelle Platt the sculptor of this sweet Old Gal. There are two of these I am finishing up on..The other one is just not at picture stage yet. But she will also be a Varnish Roan,..just a little different. I call this girl "Betty". Betty is still getting her eyes, muzzle and face worked on, As well as Mane and Tail. But you can get the idea I have for her. I have done much pencil work on her since these photos too. I can't wait to take pictures of them both together! Hopefully that will be soon.

Here comes the School Bus. Time to play with the Girlys!

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