Monday, June 23, 2008

sad to post..

Hello Guys..just a quick post here..I am sad to have to post that my Grandafather passed away on my visit here. He had fallen and broken his hip..and there was no way they could fix it..His health just declined rapidly and that is that. We will all miss him Terribly.
When I get back home ..I will post my favorite picture of Grandpa Frank. He was such a great guy. more thing..I have been here in Corpus for about a week, and there is absolutely NO way for me to check my firehorsestudio email. It behooves me why I cant..but for some reason it just wont download here..never has. So you guys will have to wait until after July 4 at least for me to come home..and July 6th we are leaving for Oklahoma for Grandpa Franks service. I can am going to try to mail about 15 packages from here this week. I wish I had gotten to them before now..but dealing with Grandpa's death just frankly put it on the back burner. But I will get to them asap.

Thanks Debra

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bit's in Pieces..

All kinds of Tidbits and goodies to share this time. I wish I could force myself to get into the swing of posting every other day. Maybe you all would get sick of me then lol? However, as seems my nature is to Horde and purge lol, here goes!
First order of Business..bunnies bunnies. cute. Bounce and Talon have grown by hops and
wiggles! Shiela (Mom) is ever the protectant thunder thumper. Elvira, our Black Otter Mini Rex
is fond of the new babies, but prefers Humans to Lupus : )
Some neat sights on Renaissance Drive, the Living and Camping Quarters of the Texas Renaissance festival. I Love visiting friends here..It feels like a Gypsy Camp! I will take more soon, but I prefer to get permission from the owners of each site, So as I get to know them..more interesting pictures!

Now on to Detail brushes. I hate to say it..but., It has been over a month since I replenished my Detail brushes. I have been eeeking along with what I have. Cutting and chopping and Frankensteining the best I can. I have several pieces that just need a teeny bit of detail and then they are home free. So , in the meantime I have been enjoying pencils and washes and dry brush Techniques. I am slowly doing hair and pencil work on "Prada and Pearls" (Matriarch) and successfully enjoying the process. I am trying to capture that Roany, striated color transition "look". (Hey I never said I make "sense" when I try to explain these techniques :)

Also in the works is a beautiful soft Dappled Gray Eberl Almonzar! For the Brave and Fearless Elephant "petter" Susan Parker (Just home from an African Safari you lucky thing) I am enjoying executing such soft soft dapplework. He will be so very soft and pale, His Dapples have to be Pristeen and perfect! right up the Alley for me to Hyperfocus on : )

Next is the Debbie's adorable little Eberl Foal Scampolo. Debbie has been wanting a Buckskin Tobiano, and after finding just the perfect Reference Foal, we came up with this darling. He is still awaiting me to purchase those Detail Brushes, poor baby has no Pupils or super fine detail done yet. But he is going to be a darling. I do so love the soft color transitions in Dilute faces.

This little Darling has been completed for a while. And I actuall FORGOT about him? I know..chastate all you want I have just been under extreme pressure lately, I forgot I had almost completed him in April, and I put him "aside" to Wait for some gloss for his eyes and hooves. Imagine my surpise, finding him this many weeks later. His poor mama! Send me an Email and I will send him home to you! excuse the contrast on his photos. He is MUCH cuter in person! He is a very soft, very Dilute appaloosa. These photos do not give his face justice at all, he has an adorable soft Dilute muzzle in person!
Elizzy! Your York is Ready to come home to Bastrop LOL! Elizzy owns "3" of our Late White German Shepard "Athena"s puppies. She is a brave woman taking on all three. Send some pictures of Sam, Merry and Pippin Elizzy so we can see how they have grown! I really enjoyed creating this peachy, soft Dun. I really enjoyed the movement on the Resin, and enjoyed the Dun factoring on that fabulous Mane. Still just needing the tiniest of detail..(grrrr wish I had an undending supply of Detail brushes) I have obviously been on a Dilute Kick lately. I am not far enough along on a Dun El Emosco as well as a Champagne Trad. Indy..but they are up and coming! Then a Batch of Bays..then a batch of greys!

As of Wednesday June 19th, Myself and the Girls will be going down to Corpus Christi to be with my father, (Whom had a bit of a setback but were deailng with it) and hopefully go on a mini-vacation of sorts. I am taking a few horses to actually work on, mainly Prada and Pearls, and finishing up these recent commissions, but the main thing I will accomplish down there is mailing out over 13 pieces. I am so excited, It will feel extraordinarily good to get my studio clean of these stragglers and pieces that just needed a thing or two. So there will be several of you guys recieving some wonderful treats in the mail! Please do NOT mail anything to me though, until after July 5!
I hopefully will be able to access my Email from down there..But now that the family has closed the office, It may be difficult. I will post on FHS Yahoo group as to my online status down there!
Happy Summer All!