Monday, June 23, 2008

sad to post..

Hello Guys..just a quick post here..I am sad to have to post that my Grandafather passed away on my visit here. He had fallen and broken his hip..and there was no way they could fix it..His health just declined rapidly and that is that. We will all miss him Terribly.
When I get back home ..I will post my favorite picture of Grandpa Frank. He was such a great guy. more thing..I have been here in Corpus for about a week, and there is absolutely NO way for me to check my firehorsestudio email. It behooves me why I cant..but for some reason it just wont download here..never has. So you guys will have to wait until after July 4 at least for me to come home..and July 6th we are leaving for Oklahoma for Grandpa Franks service. I can am going to try to mail about 15 packages from here this week. I wish I had gotten to them before now..but dealing with Grandpa's death just frankly put it on the back burner. But I will get to them asap.

Thanks Debra

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