Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday..Bloody Sunday..

Good Bloody Sunday All!! Was this actually a weekend?? You coulda fooled me lol. Been working in Studio full tilt. I think my arse is totally petrified ; ) I think Texas is totally hogging all the rain for the entire Nation. Yes, soggy, wet, humid, rainy, drizzly. Gotta love it. Except the little ones tend to get Cabin fever. NOT a good thing. Tends to lead to fort-making in the living room. OKAY, except when I mean Fort..I mean tear the entire living room apart and make mom do hours of cleaning afterwards lol. Oh well. At least I am accomplishing things upstairs in the painting studio. Got this gal on the block today for Jody who is moving to Costa Rica! Geeze, right now, that sounds like paradise lol! O..and here is her Ebay Link!

She really is a beauty! I have also heard from Gail A., and Texas Playboy, the Fabulous Overo Hillary Hurley Ravenhill may come up for sale soon. I know he is a favorite of You guys interested..remember this guy?? Stay tuned..If he comes up for sale I will definitely talk about it here first!

I think I am at an all time productivity I was able
to list the Strapless auction in under an hour. Usually it is like giving birth to a Rhino, these auctions. I must be getting better, faster, less anal perhaps LOL?? Also was able to concentrate yesterday on all my "Fixemups" and fixed two ears, two legs, a shaggy underbelly, and prepped two pieces. Whoa Nellie! I think my head hurts now. This week I will be doing nothing but commissions, so Christine R. are you out there?? Your final detailing on your Stock Appy is almost finished, just doing the last detailing.. And hey..Who on earth owns the Customized Kitty Cantrell Mule Calliope? I have not heard from you in ages..and the piece is nearly finished.. Your Email no longer please get in contact with me asap! This is about the 4th time I have gone a-looking for you! If I cannot find you I will have to sale our pretty little long ears!

Well..gotta go. The kids are out by the Fire. With Dad, but still..There probably needs a bit more supervision. good LOL!

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