Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Saturday Morning..sometime in July 2007

Ok. I did it. I followed the Masses, Jumped on the Bandwagon, Copied the Cats LOL. I am now a BLOGGER LOL. But it is a great Idea yes? This Blog will not entirely Replace the "In the Studio" pages on my website..Nor will I forever be blissfully Remiss of Yahoo Groups and commission group Updates. I will still have my announcement List and Firehorse Fun Group. But I am going to attempt to use this blog as not only a Dayminder, Journal, To do List, Photos section.. but also a Neat way to track exactly what is going on in My studio, Workshop, Drafting Table..and yes, You know me..I ramble..So here you can dwleve into the Rambling Horrors of Debs mind from the Inside : P EEEK!! I am sure many of you have noticed how terribly way behind my website is. Awful isnt it lol?? Entirely my fault. I just have simply not had the time to go fix it and send the kajillions of completed pieces to my webmistress. I SO Need a Manager!!!

I have disabled the comments section due to The fear of Spam.....but feel free to email me at anytime at As I LOVE hearing from You!

And For a quick "personal" catch up..This last month has been rather difficult. We found out Dad has indeed Colon Cancer. He has passed his physicals, just waiting and the last test results regarding how much is actually malignant. Then we he will get the Operation and Chemo. So after losing my Uncle Ray a year or so ago, and his brother a few years before that to the exact same disease..we are all a little shellshocked and jaded. So there will be lots of traveling, Visiting Dad and etc. But I work well under stress and I figure I will be churning out some lovely "Strife" affected pieces. However I just dont feel cheery, chatty, or up to my usual standards of emailing and keeping in contact with folks like I usually do. I do apologize for this..I am sure as soon as I get used to the Illness agian I will be back to myself..but right now, if you really need something from me, info, attention etc. Send me an email with the little red apostrophe, I get so many emails sometimes things just get lost in the all hubbub ; )

So... Asides from running down the stairs every eleventyhundred seconds to check on my darling sick six year old..I completely cleaned, organized and tidied up my Drafting Table and Studio so far today (woohooo). I will be finishing up the photos of the Strapless. There are actually 3 nearly completed pieces that were pre-purchased that will soon be offered for sale. Unfortunately, thier owner has to move unexpectedly out of the country..( Fortunately for her though..Costa Rica cool!!!) So since her life is in upheavel, I have given the deposits back and will simply offer them for sale..One..the Gaiety, has already been sold via Ebay (Pic Below) Next will be the Strapless, then a Darling Black Appaloosa few Spot Parrs Dream Doll. So watch out for these if you would like a newly completed, Unshown Loveless Lovely!

Oh..and here is a lovely Custom Cigar I painted for Sandy Lyles so she could take him to Bryerfest!

Today is going to be fix and repair day as well. I have a few customers pieces that have suffered broken ears, scratches, and whatnots from last years show circuit. So today the epoxy is coming out and it is Plastic Horse trauma center today lol!
And finally, the Rush for Breyefest, Nan etc. is Over. So I will be getting back into the Groove of some of my older commissions, as well as some of my "stragglers"! So stay tuned Ya'll!!!
If you have a commission with me, I strongly urge you to subscribe to this blog..It will be much more informative than relying on me (cough) to get that danged commission mail out group together. I just flopped at that didnt I lol??? I am very good at keeping Journals, So I think this online Journal of my studio with pictures and etc. will be fabulous for all of us!!
Have a great Day!

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